Monday, May 19, 2014

Conversation's With Drez J

I was asked a few days ago by a interviewer about the condition of music in my city and about artist moving to other bigger cities like Atlanta, Miami, New York, Los Angeles to succeed in music. My respond was found to be very interesting, intreging, and contemplative. My answer was, honestly, (with a little more elaboration) correct me if I'm wrong or if am not seeing a different point of view on this but from a marketing stand point I don't think it's a wise decision nor a necessity anymore specifically in the rap genre. My given example is if you live a small city with 10,000 competing artist, 200 people  looking for talent, and 100,000 unique listeners and you move to a bigger city like one of the ones that I listed and I'm just throwing out numbers here, that has 50,000 competing artist, 500 people looking for talent, and 500,000 unique listeners then honestly all your doing is droughing your product in the competition. I've always said that you have to look at yourself as more than just an artist creating music. You have to look at yourself not only as an artist but as a business. Your music is a product that your trying to sell to the masses so moving to a bigger city it seems to me, from a marketing stand point your just droughing your product within the competition. Let's be honest, it's not about talent anymore, all about who you know. Really it's always been like that. With that being said, and an artist with no connections, you make yourself actually harder to be discovered. Plus, with the decline of the music industry and it's "old school" tactics of signing an artist just off of pure talent and backing them with a large amounts of money, labels tend to go more for the "sure thing". What I mean by that is the artist that have numbers to back up their claims. What artist tend to realize is that labels are just bandwagonist. Don't follow the labels because they are to busy chasing the artist that's not concerned with them. Another great example is Kid Ink. Kid Ink and his Alumni team establish themselves in California. In late 2013, Kid Ink released a mixtape called "RocketShipShawty" which had over 250,000 downloads. After this accomplishment, without a major deal guess who was knocking at his door? A major label and that label was RCA Records and Kid Ink signs with them. With the introduction of the internet, individual song purchase, and DIY distribution are dying out. With the internet you can reach millions of people just from the comfort of your home even though I believe more in the "go get it" approach that's more people than you can reach in one major music city. Learn to utilize the internet to your advantage. My answer to this question was astonishing to the interviewer. Honestly it makes sense, well to me at least. So I am writing this to see what other artist think and what their opinions are, in case I'm missing a point of view. What do you believe? Are you just an artist or a conglomerate? 

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